Coleman-Morse Center

Exterior of Coleman-Morse Center at Univ of Notre Dame

Many paths lead to the Coleman-Morse Center because of its varied and valuable offerings to students. The building, which opened in 2001, holds extensive office, gathering, and prayer space for the Office of Campus Ministry, as well as offices for the First Year of Studies Program and Academic Services for Student-Athletes. There is also a spacious student lounge with fireplaces and big-screen TVs.

Coleman-Morse is located on the South Quad between Badin Hall and the Knights of Columbus Building. The building measures 64,000 square feet and is occupied by Academic ServicesFirst Year of Studies, the Writing Center, and Campus Ministry.

Coleman-Morse houses seven classrooms that can be reserved through the Registrar's Office and offers wireless technology throughout the entire facility.

Coleman-Morse is highlighted in yellow on this campus map. Go to Notre Dame's interactive campus tour space at for additional information about Coleman-Morse Center.

Kugel Fountain

Kugel Fountain in Coleman-Morse Center at Univ of Notre Dame

Coleman-Morse is home to an impressive Kugel Fountain, which is the centerpiece of the first-floor hallway. The fountain contains a 30-inch solid granite sphere which weighs 1,300 pounds and floats on 7 lbs. of water pressure; rolling continuously.

It is one of about only 50 such fountains in the United States. It was built in the honor of Joseph and Jacqueline Paese, and was donated to Notre Dame by their sons. The fountain was dedicated on October 12, 2001.


Hours of Operation

Academic Year Operational Hours (August–May)

  • Sunday: 1st fl: 8am-12am / 2nd fl: 12pm - 11pm/ 3rd fl: 8am-10pm
  • Monday: 1st fl: 7am-12am / 2nd fl: 7am-11pm / 3rd fl: 7am-10pm
  • Tuesday: 1st fl: 7am-12am / 2nd fl: 7am-11pm / 3rd fl: 7am-10pm
  • Wednesday: 1st fl: 7am - 12am / 2nd fl: 7am-11pm / 3rd fl: 7am-10pm
  • Thursday: 1st fl: 7am-12am / 2nd fl: 7am-11pm / 3rd fl: 7am-10pm
  • Friday: 1st fl: 7am-10pm / 2nd fl: 7am-6pm / 3rd fl: 7am-8pm
  • Saturday: 1st fl: 8am-10pm / 2nd fl: CLOSED / 3rd fl: 8am-8pm
  • Football Saturdays: CLOSED

Summer Hours (May–August)

  • Sunday: 1st fl: 8am-10pm / 2nd fl: CLOSED / 3rd fl: 8am-8:30pm
  • Monday–Thursday: 1st fl: 7am-10pm / 2nd fl: 7am-9pm / 3rd fl: 7am-8pm
  • Friday: 1st fl: 7am-6pm / 2nd fl: 7am-5pm / 3rd fl: 7am-5pm
  • Saturday: CLOSED

Coleman-Morse Computer Cluster

The computer cluster is located on the north side of the building.

  • Sunday -Thursday: 7:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m.
  • Friday: 7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. 
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. (closed on home football games) 
  • Sunday: 08:00 a.m.- 12:00 a.m. *Lab may be unstaffed during some early morning hours

For more information about the Coleman-Morse Computer Cluster, visit the OIT's webpage.

Contact Information

Room Reservations

Events for Student Group Use*

We are currently only accepting inter-departmental room reservations for the fall semester.  If you have any questions please contact Lilia Leyva at or call 574-631-7794. Thank you!



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